Social Networking Game: Empire Avenue


If you’re following the feeds in my sidebar, you’ll see that I’m usually active in places other than here.  This is the place I kick off my shoes and relax.

Empire Avenue logoI check in once a day at Empire Avenue (EA), an on-line social networking game modelled after the stock market, using social media presence to drive share prices.  I’m there as TMSocial.   One can sign up as either a person or business (I don’t know what would promote one over the other, other than psychology).  My current EA social media assets are a combination of TechMag Social‘s and my own, mostly because that’s the mix I was logged into when I signed up.  You pick your “industry” and earn titular promotions in that industry, as well as earning general game achievements.

The concept reminds me a bit of Blogshares.  It’s a cool game and and an interesting social network.  I seem to be doing fine there and I haven’t needed to spend a lot of time on it.

For me, the beauty is that my game standing benefits from my social media activities, and these are more vital to me than playing a game.  Further, my Twitter FF is growing organically from it (well, I hope it’s organic …).

Warm fuzzy feelings all around.


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