ThinkGeek :: Doctor Who Ride-in Dalek

I am not going to hear the end of this from my daughter ….
Ride-in Dalek

ThinkGeek :: Doctor Who Ride-in Dalek.


Beating the heat

It’s hot and humid here in the Ottawa area right now.   My place is not air conditioned and has a completely unobstructed west face that otherwise gives me a wonderful view, but it’s murderously warm in the afternoon.  I am not a morning person.  The nice thing about being up so high with a clear view is that no one can see me tweeting in my underwear.  (TMI?  I’m sure you’ve seen a bikini before.)

My view in summer

My view in the summer--hazy and green.

I feel like I’ve turned to gravy.   I’m drinking plenty of water, dousing myself in cool showers and avoiding the use of the stove as much as possible (twist my arm on that one!).

Ice blanket

Ice blanket

Right now I’m breaking out an ice blanket to stick on my head–it feels great on headaches, so why not?  The ice blanket is the pillowed variety one uses in coolers.  They fold easily and I always have a few in my freezer.  I wrap it in a thin towel (I have a ratty old towel that is perfect for the purpose), folding the blanket to fit as required.  It takes a little practice to get the best fit.  Then I wrap it around my head and secure it with a scrunchy.  (If you don’t know what a scrunchy is, ask any woman with long hair.)    Bliss!

Maybe I should demonstrate this on YouTube.  Later, when I’m not feeling like gravy.

I also keep a pitcher of unsweetened lychee black ice tea in the fridge.  I buy the tea super cheap from an Asian grocery store (1 lb tin for something like $8) and just brew it myself.

What do you do to beat the heat?